bath salts in a jar with dried flowers and a cork
5 wooden spoons with dried flowers and ingredients to make bath salts

Bath Tea (Pregnancy & Postpartum)

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Bathe it in.....

This beautiful batch of bath salts (also makes an amazing foot soak) has been hand blended in small batches using beautiful organic herbs, botanicals and pure Ayervedic Massage Oil which smells DIVINE!!).

Enjoy the following benefits for pregnancy and/or postpartum with this indulgent blend of:
• Calendula - promotes cell repair
• Chamomile - antiseptic, anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial
• Rose Buds- calming effect
• Lavender- soothes stress, helpful for restlessness and insomnia, anti-inflammatory
• Lemon Balm- refreshing and uplifting, powerful anti-oxidant
• Comfrey Leaf - relieves pain and can inhibit bleeding (so great for postpartum lochia loss)
• Epsom Salts - relieves achey muscles and stress, helps to reduce swelling
• Ayervedic Massage Oil - 100% pure cold pressed sesame oil infused with 25 additional herbs aimed to rejuvenate the body

This item is handmade with love by a talented maker in New South Wales, Australia. All content and photographs used with makers permission.


Small size - 200g 
Large size - 400g

Both come with reusable cotton bath tea bag and wooden scoop.


As each item is made to order, it will take 3-5 days before your item is shipped. 

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